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Projections of Future Technology Availability

Estimates of how 10 million ultrafast premises can be delivered, model created March 2017

Each green dot represents a postcode within range of a cabinet to get ultrafast speeds
Ultrafast is defined as a 100 Mbps or faster connection

This map is speculative and is not based on any plans by Openreach and was produced to get a rough idea of the number of cabinets would see pods attached in delivering the 10 million target.

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National Superfast Picture

Superfast 30 Mbps and faster

Generated: Saturday 20th July 2024

UK 98.0%
England 98.3%
Northern Ireland 98.3%
Scotland 96.4%
Wales 97.3%

Full Fibre - Fibre to the Premises

Generated: Saturday 20th July 2024

UK 68.5%
England 68.2%
Northern Ireland 95.4%
Scotland 62.0%
Wales 68.4%

The generated date is when coverage was at the figures quoted. There is a small amount of lag between broadband infrastructure providers making services available and appearing in the statistics. For VDSL2/FTTC services this is around 2 to 4 weeks, and for FTTP (full fibre) a further couple of weeks should be allowed. If you have a service available and our searches do not indicate it is do feel free to report an addition.

We aim to update the coverage percentages weekly, with the underlying service availability for postcode searches changing several times in a week.

The Governments 95% superfast target is based on the over 24 Mbps definition for superfast services.